Tooth in a Day: Dental Implant Hamilton from a Leading Periodontist

Get a dental implant Hamilton taken care of in a single day with our tooth in a day service. You’ll come into our periodontics clinic and leave the exact same day with your smile restored. 

A tooth in a day procedure can include:

  • Same day dental implant and tooth replacement
  • Crowns
  • Bone grafting
  • And more

If you require a single tooth dental implant and don’t want to return to the periodontist’s office for multiple visits, get a tooth replacement in a single session.

Same Day Dental Implants

Same day dental implants consist of having an artificial root made of titanium metal and having it directly fused into the jawbone. You’ll then have an implant supporting the replacement tooth as it serves as an anchor to hold it in place. The end result being a dental implant placement that looks natural and sits comfortably for years to come. 

A dental implant is often the better choice versus bridgework and dentures, especially where there is a lack of natural roots that make dentures difficult, or in scenarios where bridgework can damage your natural teeth. 

Advanced technological breakthroughs compared to traditional implants, you will be able to deliver tooth-in-a-day services, leaving you with a natural-looking implant in a single day. 

Our leading periodontist, Dr. Glogauer, has decades of experience performing dental implants. Using that experience and leading technology, it’s a simple procedure to have your dental implant done in a single session, so no more multiple marathon visits in the periodontist chair. 

Dental Crowns

A crown is used to strengthen a tooth that is weak, broken, or has suffered decay over the years. Your crown will be placed at the top of the tooth that needs it, fitted precisely to ensure that it’s comfortable and won’t move for decades. 

Bone Grafting

Periodontitis, over time, can cause deterioration of bone and soft supporting tissue. In order to protect your teeth and avoid any loss or needing to have teeth removed, you can have regenerative surgery performed that will restore your lost bone. 

Given time, bone loss is restored as the body rebuilds the bone and other structures that connect your tooth to your jaw bone. 

Your periodontist performs this procedure by separating the gums from your teeth to gain access to the roots and bone beneath. After cleaning the roots, the holes in your bone will be filled with a graft material that, typically, is composed of your own bone. Your gums will be put back into place and stitched together once the procedure is complete. The grafted material encourages bone growth to take place over time, replacing the lost bone and soft tissue. 

Tooth in a Day Near Me – A Leading Periodontist in Hamilton

If you’re looking for a dental professional that has the experience needed to ensure that your teeth replacements are done correctly, then get in touch with Dr. Glogauer; he’s personally placed over 15,000 implants in the course of his 25-plus years as a periodontist. 

By combining advanced digital technology and the highest quality materials with Dr. Glogauer and his staff’s decades of experience, you’ll have your teeth in a day completed safely and quickly. 

Make your appointment today.  

Dental in One Day FAQ

Have questions about dental in one day procedures? Read below for tooth in a day FAQs. 

Single Tooth Dental Implant Cost

Many patients come into our clinic asking ‘what is the single tooth dental implant cost’. 

Put succinctly: it depends. The price of dental implants can run you a few thousand to several thousands to over $20,000 depending on the scope of the work, the number of implants required, the material, etc. 

The cost of dental implants naturally is lower when your implant treatment requires only a single tooth replacement.

The benefits of teeth replacements are many, not the least of which is that you can restore your healthy and confident smile in a single day. 

The good news is that OMG Perio accepts all major dental insurance plans so you can get the dental care you need on a payment plan that makes sense. 

If you’re in the area, simply google ‘teeth in a day near me’ and set up your appointment with OMG Perio at our dental office, or contact us here

Are One Day Dental Implants Safe?

Due to the speed and efficiency of one day dental implants, some patients believe that a single day implant is unsafe. This is not true. One day dental implants are every bit as safe as procedures that require longer timeframes; the only difference is that you require less time in the periodontist’s office. 

You can rest assured that we never sacrifice quality for speed, and instead make use of our years of experience to deliver one day dental implant Hamilton without ever cutting corners. Get in touch to learn more about our one day dental implant in Hamilton.

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