Here at OMG Perio, we do more than just dental implants and laser gum surgery – we make sure our patients are treated with care, respect, and we always use the best practices/technology available. 

We know that a healthy smile and gums are not only important to your health, but also to your well-being and confidence. 

Dr. Michael Landzberg has decades of experience with patients in need of expert periodontal care, and has shown an ability to address their oral health issues with warmth and dedication.

Whether your concern is over a cosmetic issue, health issue, or the well-being of your teeth, Dr. Landzberg knows the leading methods to keep your smile bright and healthy.

What sets him apart

Dr. Michael Landzberg trained in dentistry at the University of Toronto, graduating in 2005. He then completed a general practice residency at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY where he practiced general and emergency dentistry and completed his post-graduate periodontal training at the University of Toronto in 2009.

He maintains a strong interest in research and has published numerous articles in dental journals.

The first thing you’ll discover when you visit Dr. Landzberg is that he is not just treating your gum disease or oral health problem; he is treating you as a person. He listens to your concerns and needs with compassion and, whenever possible, selects minimally invasive approaches to minimize discomfort and hasten recovery.

Dr. Landzberg provides a full range of periodontal procedures. He is familiar with the latest techniques for diagnosing and treating periodontal (gum) disease and gum recession and is highly qualified to perform cosmetic periodontal procedures, including laser depigmentation, teeth-in-a-day and dental implants in Hamilton.


Gum disease is a broad term that covers everything from simple gum inflammation to serious gum damage that could mean the loss of the soft tissue and the bone that supports the teeth. In the worst cases, some or all teeth could be lost because of gum disease.

But gum disease is far from the only reason to see Dr. Michael Landzberg. Receding gums, missing teeth and gummy smiles can all be early warning signs of a much larger oral health problem. Dr. Michael Landzberg’s high degree of technical expertise and skilled experience will make your mouth feel and look as good as new.

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Dr. Michael Landzberg treats you, not just your oral health problem. There is no prescribed solution, just a unique plan so that you’ll love your beautiful new smile.

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