All on 4 Dental Implant Procedure

Our Pro Arch/Teeth in a Day/All-on-4 Dental Implant Procedure

The Pro Arch/Teeth in a Day/All-on-4 Dental dental implant procedure is a safe and fast way to fully restore your smile with the help of prosthetic dental implants. For patients that require multiple or full mouth restoration, the All-on-4 procedure involves placing four to six ‘posts’ that anchor the dental implants, embedding the anchoring dental implants to the jawbone. 

This process takes roughly four hours and is completed in a single day. Once complete, you will have a fully restored, healthy smile. 

Digital Technology

As periodontists with decades of experience, we know the difference that the best technology and techniques can make for patients. That’s why we use leading technological tools like on-site Cone Beam CT scanning, iTero® intraoral digital scanning, 3D printing of the teeth and the latest software so our procedures are always as precise as they can be.

Before the implants are placed, we have a digital plan that allows us to 3D print your new teeth so they are ready to be inserted onto the implants the same day the implants are placed. For more simple procedures we are also able to digitally scan the implants and print the crown on the same day. Compared to the standard dental impression techniques, this is more accurate and comfortable for patients – especially those with a sensitive gag reflex.

Finest Materials

All of our dental implant systems use industry-leading materials and come with warranties. This also helps during the recovery process, allowing our patients to feel better, faster.. During your All-on-4 procedure, we’ll immediately place the restorations at the time of tooth extraction. 


Dr. Glogauer has successfully placed over 15,000 implants during his more than 25 years of experience in implant dentistry. He is a leader in the field when it comes to dental implants. 

When necessary, Dr. Glogauer will work closely with other specialists to ensure that, even during the most challenging procedures (like for people recovering from cancer) he will be able to successfully complete the All-on-4 dental implant procedure. 

Post-Operative Care


Do not spit. Wipe your mouth with a tissue as needed.

Avoid using straws to drink – instead, drink straight from the cup.

Do not smoke.

Do not touch the surgical area with your fingers or tongue.

Spitting, using a straw to drink, smoking, or touching the surgical area can dislodge the blood clot that is forming and cause bleeding. Smoking can increase the chances of an infection.


You can expect minor bleeding after the dental implant surgery. Typically, it will subside within an hour or two post-surgery. Small amounts of blood seeping out is normal and may persist for several hours. Keep gauze applied to the surgical area with some biting pressure for 30–45 minutes.

If you’re experiencing any issues, please call our office.


Most patients will encounter a degree of swelling following the surgery. It can be mild or severe and varies from patient to patient. The swelling can increase within the first 24–72 hours before it begins to subside. It also can last for several days. There may also be some bruising on the face.


Start with non-abrasive foods such as mashed potatoes, pasta, cottage cheese, soup, or scrambled eggs when the local anesthetic wears off.

You may begin eating as normal as soon as you feel up to it; however, please try to refrain from chewing directly on the surgical sites.


You may begin by rinsing the day after surgery, very gently, with some warm salt water (1 tsp of salt in 8 ounces of warm water). You can brush your teeth as normal, though pay attention to the surgical sites and try to avoid them.


Unless you are informed otherwise, the sutures used during your procedure are dissolvable and will go away on their own. This usually happens within the first week after surgery, but can take anywhere between four to ten days.


If you had bone graft material placed at the time of the dental implant surgery, you may notice some gritty material in your mouth. Don’t be concerned; this should subside within a day or two.


Take all prescribed medication as directed on the bottle. Call us if you experience severe nausea or diarrhea or experience difficulty swallowing your pills.

Antibiotics: Continue until the bottle is empty. Take the entire treatment. 

Pain Medicine: Typically patients require pain medication in a scheduled fashion (every four to six hours) for the first 24 hours and then as needed thereafter.

You can wean yourself off the pain relief medication and substitute 500 mg of acetaminophen (Tylenol®).

If directed to do so, you can use ibuprofen, 600 mg, every six hours while awake for the first four or five days.


You may resume your day-to-day activities when you feel comfortable. Take it easy when it comes to exercise and recreation, and increase your activity levels slowly over several days as you get back to your normal routine.

Please adhere to these instructions as closely as you can. They are here to help you heal as quickly and comfortably as possible.

All-on-4/Pro Arch/Teeth in a Day Dental FAQs

Is getting All-on-4 painful? 

While there can be discomfort following the procedure, Dr. Glogauer is an expert at responding to patient’s needs and ensuring that the process is completed as quickly, smoothly, and pain-free as possible. 

Are there All-on-4 dental implant problems?

As with any procedure, there is a risk of complications. That said, Dr. Glogauer is among the leaders in this field of dentistry, having practiced for over 25 years and completed tens of thousands dental implants

What is the All-on-4 dental implant cost?

This can vary from patient to patient and depend on a number of factors. The good news is that we work with all major insurance providers. 

All on 4 vs All-on-4 vs All-on-Four vs All on four – is there a difference? 

Nope. The most common (and correct) variation is ‘All-on-4’ but you may very well encounter ‘all on 4, all-on-four, all on four’ online – but they all mean the same thing. 

Still Have Some Questions About ALL ON 4?

We are here for you! If you have a question about your all on 4 procedure, please call our Hamilton periodontal office at 905-526-6078.

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